Call for International Anti-C@P Space

~ Nov. 29 – Dec. 10 2010, Cancun, Mexico ~ Conference of the Parties – COP16 ~

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~ Global Struggle for Climate Justice ~
~ Global Struggle for the Earth and for Social and Environmental Justice ~
~ A Call to Action and Decentralized Organization ~
~ Help Organize Urgent Actions confronting Environmental Destruction and Climate Change ~
~ Grand Anti-Capitalist Mobilization to Cancun! ~

Invitation to participate in the creation and action of the International Anti-C@P Space leading up to the COP16:

*Regional Climate Convergences*:

-San Salvador Atenco, just outside of Mexico City 5-7 of November.
-Mexicali, Baja California 13-14 of November.
– San Cristobal de las Casas- 13-14 of November.

*Anti-Capitalist Mobilization Caravan the first days of December to Cancun*


Faced with the failure of the fifteenth United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark this past December, the G20 (the national banks and governments of the 20 most wealthiest nations in the world), multinational corporations, and the international financial institutions (IFIs)  to extort the rest of the governments of the world into accepting a new international treaty on Global Warming and Climate Change…

With particular chapters of the Kyoto Protocol expiring in 2012, a new treaty is being drafted not only to set the minimal goals to reduce human activities that cause Global Warming, but also to legitimize a “carbon market” generating the legal basis to contaminate the air we breathe, a market that would clearly be controlled by those who hold political and economic power. Once again, developed nations are turning a blind eye to the enormous ecological and social debt they owe the rest of the world, to the fact that their development has been based on the over-exploitation of natural resources and the total destruction of entire peoples and cultures. The information collected from around the world, based on the best science possible, leaves plain the false arguments from these same parties that there is a lack of solid evidence of human activity that produces Climate Change; or their more recent contestation of responsibility in the emission of gases that cause this effect.

The United Nations bodies that are charged with carrying-out the task of generating the new treaty have been corrupted by multinational corporations and international financial institutions. These agents of capitalism are developing and consolidating an international market to buy and sell credits to contaminate and pollute our air; equivalent to privatizing the atmosphere. The environmental degradation produced in capitalist systems are driving the world’s climate to a point of no return. If we continue along this path in less than one hundred years over 80% of all species in the world could disappear. The environmental defense that we are enacting as part of greater social movements is crucial, and it offers us a new opportunity to confront the root causes of climate change.

At the beginning of 2010 the United Nations announced that the 16th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change would be held in Cancun, Mexico. 2010 is also the bicentennial  of the Mexican independence from the Old-World Empire, and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution. For many, 2010 is a significant marking-point for the social struggles in the Americas. To commemorate this historical process of emancipation, and to counter the false solutions demonstrated at the summit in Copenhagen (COP15), we invite you to the International Anti-C@P Space- an Anti-Capitalist effort in opposition to the COP16- a struggle from below against the New-World Order.

The International Anti-C@P Space is an effort of various grassroots groups, organizations, and activists who have come together to build an environmental and social justice movement that uses direct action and popular education to articulate fair and effective solutions to the environmental crisis leading up to the COP16. We invite social movements, civil organizations, networks, activist, and communities of the world committed to the anti-capitalist struggle and the principles of social and environmental justice, to participate in the International Anti-C@P Space in Cancun this December.

We don’t forget the past mobilizations of civil society in Cancun – The World Economic Forum in 2001 and the World Trade Organization in 2003. Without a doubt, we live in a world politically different than those days but we still assert that the principal causes of our misery are the same: capital, the state, its destruction of the environment and the structures of power it maintains. Faced with a global financial crises, the same forces are in search of a new round of accumulation through green capitalism in order to evolve and regenerate. We hope that just as we buried the WTO in 2003 we will bury the COP.

We are against a reductionist science that substitutes one nightmare for another – transgenic agrobiofuels for automobiles, carbon bonds and credits for the emerging carbon market in order to continue polluting the air we breathe, the displacement of indigenous peoples for “the conservation of pristine areas.” We have a broader vision of nature and we know that the struggle against environmental destruction goes beyond reducing emissions. Often climate change is used as a pretext to hide the real criminals responsible for the environmental crisis. The same ones who want to manage the climate and social crisis with a new market of “green” and “sustainable” products, making promises of techno fixes and other false solutions. In Cancun we will show that: WE ARE THEIR CRISIS!

We invite communities, organizations and activists to join this anti-capitalist force in order to create autonomous spaces, events, mobilizations and actions to re-appropriate the discourse around climate change, and the processes of “adaptation and mitigation”, that honestly search for environmental and social justice,

In this sense we consider the International Anti-C@P space to be a permanent and collective process where we create a continuous interaction that permits us to generate collective solutions to local and global environmental problems. Towards this effort we are organizing regional climate convergences where we can reflect upon the environmental question, share knowledge and learn practical tools to confront such problems. The upcoming Climate Convergences are in San Salvador Atenco, in the State of Mexico from the 5th to 7th of November,  in Mexicali, in the state of Baja California on the 13th and 14th of November, and in San Cristobal de las Casas, in the state of Chiapas also the 13th and 14th of November.

The Anti-C@P space is also organizing buses for the Anti-Capitalist Mobilization in Cancun that will depart during the first days of December and that will coincide with other caravans from national and international networks and organizations on their way to Cancun — for more information on how to reserve your seat on these buses please send an email to:

Join us in organizing educational events and actions at key points during the rest of 2010, leading up to the Conference of the Parties -COP16. We welcome the participation of organizations that are inline with our objectives, in opposition to false solutions of carbon markets and in favor of real, effective and just solutions to the environmental and social crisis.

Collective Transport…..
…… Caravan to Cancun…

The Anti-C@P space is organizing busses for the Anti-Capitalist Mobilization in Cancun, they will leave Wednesday the 1st of December, in order to coincide with the other caravans of national and international networks and organizations on their way to Cancun. For more information on how to reserve your space send an email with your name, e-mail, telephone and whether or not you are part of a collective or organization to:

The cost of collective transport is $1,100 (MXN) per spot, we will leave on the 1st of december and plan to be back on the 9th of december. You can reserve your spot by writing to us and depositing the money.

Deadline to reserve your spot is Monday, the 29th of November.
for information and registration of organizations, individuals and activities write to:

telephone number in Mexico City:
01 (55) 36 26 66 92
or check out the Anti-C@P website:

And for Cancun we propose

We will leave together with the other caravans from Mexico City the 1st of December and accompany the different actions they will realize in various states on the way to Cancun. We will hold an Anti-C@P assembly on the 4th of December in order to organize an action on the 6th of December Against Green Capitalism and Megaprojects. We will also participate in the central mobilization of the peoples against the COP-16 on the 7th of december. We will also install a encampment in defense of land, territory and natural resources (amongst those registered we will self-organize the encampment collectively so please send us your registration)

We invite you to take Direct Action with us, to take it upon yourself to create solutions to people’s problems and to build from below and from the left the organizations in each of our communities and collectivities. We hope to organize direct actions in relation to climate change all over Mexico and the World.

International Anti-capitalist space during the Climate Summit (COP16):
Acción Directa Autogestiva ADA, Auditorio CHE Guevara UNAM,CASITA,Centro de Medios Libres de la Ciudad de México , colectivo trece changos, Caravana Climatica a la COP16 “Lee Kyung Hae” , Chanti Ollhin Tecnologías Apropiadas, Colectivo Autonomía en los Barrios, Colectivo Autónomo de Mujeres,   Espacio Autogestivo “El Terreno”, Frente Amplio Contra Super-Vía Poniente, Furia de las Calles, jóvenes en resistencia alternativa, Marea Creciente México, Notilibertas, Unidad de Investigación UNIT, Zona Autonoma Makhnovtchina.


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